The Williamsburg Bridge
The Grand Canyon (1983)
The chamber group Prometheus
From the pit of Disney's \
The Sky Captains of Industry at Bar 4 in Brooklyn, NY

This gallery contains the images from the home page. All pictures were taken by me with a variety of cameras.

The picture of the chamber group Prometheus, of which I am a member, was taken in performance with a Nikon D7000 set to automatically take a series of images unattended during the concert.

The picture from the pit of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is from a series of photos taken at the dramatic peak of the musical, the moment of the death of Gaston. The camera was mounted on my chair and the shutter was jammed open during a short period when I wasn't playing and left running until I had another short rest after this moment in the show. The camera was set at an ISO of 100 with a shutter speed of 1.5 seconds and an aperture of f13. I was relying on the strobe lights on the stage to light the conductor--in this case, Amy Duran--and the various elements leaking from the stage.